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Learn how to talk like a true hick with our list of classic redneck sayings!

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Expand your rural American dialect by checking out our great list of bona-fide redneck words!

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Redneck Saying Of The Day - I’ll hit you so hard when you wake up your clothes will be out of style

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...the best online resource for rural American sayings and home of the Redneck Dictionary.

Here at Hickapedia our dictionary and sayings database is regularly updated and supplemented by user input to provide you the best experience possible. We also provide a list of country remedies, a great list of reasons why you should be proud to be an American, and a Front Porch where you can sit around with your favorite hicks and chew the fat! So whether you're a redneck, a hick, a hillbilly, or a bumpkin, send us your favorite redneck sayings and contributions to the best redneck dictionary on the internet!

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